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In an effort to introduce ourselves, I asked some customers who have been buying coffee and tea from us to say a few words:

  Thank you for suggesting I buy a La Pavoni EPBB 8 Espresso Machine. I thought it was a lot of money for an Espresso Machine. After taking this one home and tasting what this work of art can do, I am impressed. I have been making espresso at home for 20 years and never thought the machine made that much difference, but it does.
Thank you everyone at Hawthorne Coffee for your advice and understanding of your products that you sell.

Thank you,
Frank Hoffert

  I have ordered my favorite tea from you, which is Darjeeling Fancy, for several months now. I just want to let you know that I appreciate the way you take care of your customers and I find it so easy to reach you on your 800 number. Your knowledge of teas is especially helpful.
  My orders arrive promptly by priority mail. The cost savings over buying Darjeeling in a local store here (that is when they can get it) is a wonderful plus.

Sioux City, IA

  I have had coffee in a few different countries and under many different circumstances. Always priding myself on being a "coffee carnivore". I considered myself to be very picky about my coffee. That is, until I met Sally, and discovered that she had coffee beans shipped to her from your store while she was in graduate school in Ohio. I didn't think that any coffee beans would be worth that kind of trouble until I tasted, and subsequently became attached to, your coffee beans. To say that your coffee is the best I have tasted the world wide is no exaggeration.

Patagonia, AZ

  THANKS!! for selling such excellent coffee. My husband and I are serious coffee drinkers, grinding our beans fresh every morning and arguing over the best method of storage (freezer vs. airtight canister). We are now living in the South and depend on your excellent beans to get us going each day. Yes, we've sampled all the "fwesh" beans the southeast has to offer, and they all fall short. Our order always comes within 3 days, your prices are competitive, and it's a delight to open the bags and breath in the heavenly aroma.

Aiken, SC

  Thank you for my order. It arrived within a few day of placing the order. The coffee was terrific. I'm living in the country now (we never know when we can get into Houston) and this is a great way to get my teas and coffees.

Ann Maureen
Dayton, TX




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