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Ethyl-acetate is derived as a result of the reaction between ethanol and acitic acid. The raw materials are taken from natural origins, such as fruit.

You can decaffeinate your own tea by following these steps:
1. Pour hot water over your tea.
2. Leave it for 10 seconds and then pour the water out.
3. Add more boiling water over the tea leaves and let steep as usual.
Caffeine diffuses when it first touches hot water. By throwing out the first 10 second steep of water, you are throwing away most of the caffeine.

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Ceylon Natural Decaf 1 lb. $38.85
One teaspoon for every five ounces of boiling water.
Ceylon Natural Decaf 1/2 lb. $19.85
Good everyday decaf, Co2 decaf process 99% caffeine free.
English Breakfast Decaf 1 lb. $29.85
One teaspoon for every five ounces of boiling water.
English Breakfast Decaf 1/2 lb. $15.10
A flavorful decaf English breakfast for those tea drinkers who want an enjoyable morning cup of tea without the caffeine.
Sen-Cha Japan Decaf 1 lb. $24.95
One teaspoon per five ounces of 180F water
Sen-Cha Japan Decaf 1/2 lb. $24.60
Spider leg variety. This tea extracts a pale green liquor with a mellow grassy aroma. The taste is very delicate sweet and pleasant.




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