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Coffees :: green beans

Save money while drinking exquistely flavored rich coffees of the world. To enjoy freshly roasted gourmet coffee purchase our "Aroma Pot" 1/2 lb coffee roaster. If you are new to roasting try our Colombian. It roasts evenly, unlike Ethiopian, and will give you a perfect roast every time. We use it for our French, Italian, Espresso and Viennese.

Degrees of roast:
Cinnamon..Light brown color.
American Roast..Darker brown, light roast.
Full City Roast..No trace of oil on bean surface when freshly roasted.
Vienna Roast..Darker brown with small amount of oil on bean surface.
Italian Roast(West Coast)..also called New Orleans Roast..Very dark with large amount of oil on bean surface.
French Roast(West Coast)..Black color with large amount of oil on bean surface.

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Aroma Pot $64.75
New stainless steel roaster with heat diffuser base, 1/2lb roasting capacity. The traditionally styled hand crank coffee roaster is for the person who takes pride in roasting their own green beans while enjoying the delightful coffee aroma throughout the house. One pound of green colombian included.
Green Brazil Santos 2 lb. $28.00
Green Celebes Kalossi 2 lb. $34.00
Green Colombia Excelso 2 lb. $25.00
Green Colombia Supremos 2 lb. $26.00
Green Costa Rican Tarrazu 2 lb. $28.00
Green Ethiopian Mocha Harrar 2 lb. $28.50
Green Guatemalan Antigua 2 lb. $29.50
Green Java Estate 2 lb. $27.00
Green Mexican Altura Pluma 2 lb. $26.50
Green Organic Sumatra 2 lb. $29.00
Green Panama 2 lb. $28.00
Green Peruvian 2 lb. $28.00
Green Sumatra Boengie 2 lb. $31.00
Green Tanzanian Peaberry 2 lb. $29.50




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