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Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Southern Brazil, these are the countrys that cultivate Mate. In the wild, Yerba Mate, a relative of the holly family can grow over 30 feet high, but for farming purposes the plant is kept as a shrub. Harvesting time is once a year from June to July. Mate (pronounced Mah-tay) has about 50% less caffeine than a cup of black coffee.

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Organic Green Yerba Mate 1 lb. $23.35
1 teaspoon per 5 onces of 180F water
Organic Green Yerba Mate 1/2 lb. $11.85
A South American tea-like beverage. Drank widely in Brazil, Argentina and Paragauy. Although Mate' is not a tea plant it has similar properties including a caffine-like stimulant.




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