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Essentials :: Coffee Makers
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Chemex Hand Blown $60.95
The quantity of brewed coffee can be measured in the Chemex coffeemaker by using the button and handle bottom as guides. Measurements are based on a standard 5 ounce cup. Button 6 cup, Handle bottom 12 cup.
Capacity 12 cups 160oz.
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Cold Water Toddy $42.50
Naturally Healthier 67% less acid in your coffee! The Toddy system yields a pure low acid coffee concentrate. Store it in the fridge, then serve fresh simply by adding steaming hot water or ice cold milk or cream.
Neapolitan Three Cup $22.75
The classic neapolitan is stainless steel. The "first drip" coffee makers with steel body and screens. 7 inches high.
Capacity: 3 cups
Made in Italy.
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