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Organic food is produced by farmers committed to sustainability and conservation to enhance environmental quality for future generations. When you choose organic, you are assured of naturally flavored foods grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

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Arya Organic Green Darjeeling 1 lb. $22.95
One teaspoon per five ounces of boiling water.
Arya Organic Green Darjeeling 1/2 lb. $11.95
Elegant and complex with a flowery boquet.
Nilgiri Organic Korakunda BOP 1 lb. $17.75
This organic black tea has a desirable woodsy flavor, golden yellow slightly reddish cup. Rich in Aroma.
Nilgiri Organic Korakunda BOP 1/2 lb. $8.95
One teaspoon per five ounces of boiling water.
Organic Green Yerba Mate 1 lb. $23.35
1 teaspoon per 5 onces of 180F water
Organic Green Yerba Mate 1/2 lb. $11.85
A South American tea-like beverage. Drank widely in Brazil, Argentina and Paragauy. Although Mate' is not a tea plant it has similar properties including a caffine-like stimulant.




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